Nov 19, 2008

Tonight's participation in Asia Night

Our local community is having an Asia Night at the Multipurpose Room, Nyumburu Cultural Center, from 7-9pm. Our own club will be participating in this event as well as having our usual meeting at 1216 HJ Patterson as well at 7-11 pm. Please come and join us!

Afterwards it was another successful event. One of the performers came over to play for a bit at the end before the maintenance personnel told us that we had to go.

Here are some pictures taken by us during the event.

5 victories at the GW-Rockville-UMCP team matches on Nov. 14th

We went against Cedar Lane and Rockville. Cedar Lane had 8 wins, UMCP had 5 wins, and Rockville had 2 wins. The people who participated on our team were Kuo, Jeremy, Matt, Steve-John, Jamie, and Wayne. Good job to them all.