Dec 1, 2008

Upcoming Holiday Helper Tournament & a Sneak Peek at Our Spring Semester Schedule

Hi fellow go players,

According to Allen of the NOVA Go Club, there will be a Holiday Helper tournament on Saturday, December 13th, at George Mason Law School in Arlington, VA, in room 257. Further details at

There will be the 2009 John Groesch Memorial Spring Tournament coming up soon during our 2009 Spring semester. Decisions have not been finalized yet, but chances are likely that the tournament will be held on the day after the Cherry Blossom, which would be March 29 (the spring NOVA tournament is tentatively scheduled for March 28). Please check back for more updates. :D

We will try deliver the new as soon as possible. :D


Nov 19, 2008

Tonight's participation in Asia Night

Our local community is having an Asia Night at the Multipurpose Room, Nyumburu Cultural Center, from 7-9pm. Our own club will be participating in this event as well as having our usual meeting at 1216 HJ Patterson as well at 7-11 pm. Please come and join us!

Afterwards it was another successful event. One of the performers came over to play for a bit at the end before the maintenance personnel told us that we had to go.

Here are some pictures taken by us during the event.

5 victories at the GW-Rockville-UMCP team matches on Nov. 14th

We went against Cedar Lane and Rockville. Cedar Lane had 8 wins, UMCP had 5 wins, and Rockville had 2 wins. The people who participated on our team were Kuo, Jeremy, Matt, Steve-John, Jamie, and Wayne. Good job to them all.

Oct 21, 2008

A Special Message from our affiliated go clubs: Special event! and Yuan Zhou and Team Go

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce a special event at GWGC:

Shunichi Hyodo, a very strong 6 dan amateur who has been visiting the
New York Go Center as their resident teacher for the last month, has
agreed to come to Washington and teach us at GWGC (9601 Cedar Lane) at
8:00 PM on Friday, Oct. 31st. He is a superb teacher, so don't miss
this opportunity! He will play up to 3 short games simultaneously,
then review the games. If you would like to participate, please
contact me- I will choose the players based on when I receive the
request and to have a balance of strengths (dan through mid-kyu). Cost
to participate- $15. No charge to observe, although donations of
course are accepted- all proceeds go to Mr. Hyodo. Time permitting he
will review additional games, so come armed with game records and

Also, anyone interested is welcome to join us before the event for a
dinner at 6:00 at the Aji Nippon restaurant at 6937 Arlington Blvd.
(near Bradley Lane) in Bethesda. Please let me know if you'd like to
come at least by Thursday evening (the 30th) so I can make a
reservation for us.

Please note that this event on the 31st will take the place of our
usual Yuan Zhou teaching night that would be on Nov. 7th. Yuan will
continue our usual first Friday teaching nights on December 5th.

Also, our team matches with Rockville will resume on Nov. 14th at
GWGC. We've had a number of changes that have made it difficult to
get this event restarted this season, but I hope everyone (Rockville,
UMD, any interested club!) will plan to come on the 14th.

And fyi, I will have to miss next week (Oct. 24th) and also Nov. 7th,
but I look forward to seeing everyone on Oct. 31st and then Nov. 14th.

Best wishes,


Haskell Small, composer, pianist, teacher

3220 44th St. NW

Washington, DC 20016


Oct 17, 2008

Section Winner!

Our frequent and local visitor, Kuo Tan, 1 Dan, won his section last weekend at the UMBC Go Tournament on Sunday, October 12th. His record was 2-1 and lost only to the 8 Dan Eric Lui. Another member of our club, Jamie Salts, 3 kyu, achieve a 2-1 record as well, but, unfortunately, did not win his section.

Oct 11, 2008

Attendance at Anime USA's How to Play Go

I decided to take some time off from schoolwork today and volunteered to help out the latest go panel which was at the Anime USA 2008 in Crystal City, Virginia. I was invited by John Goon. There I met Juan of the Rockville Go Club and Katt of Bowie.

May 7, 2008

First Move

Hello, fellow Go players and enthusiasts. This opens the first entry of Terrapin's Go by the University of Maryland Go Club. Through this blog, we hope to bring news of club events and related go events as well as facilitate a growing interest in the game of go.

We have weekly meetings on Wednesday night at HJ Patterson 1216.

Also, please feel free to leave comments and we will try to get back to you.

Please continue to play and have fun,